First and foremost we recognise the important role mobility plays in achieving independence. It is fundamental to our freedom. We also appreciate that we are all individuals.


We may all have similar needs but we also have our own unique particular set of circumstances - no two situations are exactly the same. So finding the right mobility solution means firstly having a thorough understanding of that person’s specific requirements. Our strength is our independence. We have no connection or affiliation with any single manufacturer. As a consequence we are completely impartial and able to recommend what is genuinely best for the purpose. We have extensive expertise and a proven track record in delivering mobility solutions that take into account the needs of individuals, their families and their carers.


Our expert witness service is an endorsement of our transport and mobility expertise


As a provider of an established expert witness service and recognised by the Court of Protection, Personal Mobility Solutions has extensive experience in the assessment and provision of transport related mobility solutions throughout the UK. We have a proven track record working with legal professionals, representing either claimants or defendants and we are well equipped to provide consultation and implementation of automotive adaptation and conversion requirements.

Mobility Solutions For Individuals

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