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Road Trip

Case Studies

These case studies are a sample of how we help our customers with their personal mobility solutions.

If you don't see a solution that is similar to your situation and requirements, please do not assume that it cannot be done. Visit our Contact Us page requesting more information or call us today on 01344 989140

                               Ralph & Sheila M


Having had a converted Peugeot Expert for two years, Ralph and Shelia were looking for a modern wheelchair accessible vehicle that looked like an everyday car. The ideal solution would be where Shelia, a wheelchair user, could travel next to husband Ralph.

Ralph did a fair amount of market research himself, but it was Personal Mobility Solutions that narrowed it down to three possible solutions. Ralph and Shelia chose the Fiat Mulitpla, a side-by-side conversion from Brotherwood, a leading conversion specialist, following a test-drive.


With the Fiat Multipla - the wheelchair passenger sits in the front beside the driver with plenty of headroom (56in) and an unobstructed view through the windscreen.

Ralph said: “PMS brought the demonstrator around for a test drive and we immediately found it much easier and more responsive to drive than the Peugeot which is more like a van. Personal Mobility Solutions have been exceptionally good and co-ordinated the whole purchase from start to finish, we haven’t had to deal with Brotherwood or the local dealer at all.”


“The great thing about this Multipla is that Shelia can travel next to me in the front making travelling a much more pleasant and sociable experience. The vehicle is also very deceptive; it doesn’t look large from the outside but has loads of room for storage. It also has a flexible seating with the option of a folding 4th seat that is great for when we take our nieces and nephews out.”

                            Ray, Jane & Zac K


Ray and Jay were looking for a vehicle that their six and half year old son Zac could travel in whilst remaining seated in his wheelchair. The couple were looking for a specialised vehicle that came within a specific budget. Their previous vehicle was an unconverted Volkswagen Estate.


Ray explained: “As Zac is getting older, he is getting bigger and heavier. We wanted a vehicle where access would be much easier and where there would be no need for lifting. We now have a second hand wheelchair accessible Caravelle which we are delighted with.

“We first meet Personal Mobility Solutions at the Mobility Roadshow in Crowthorne last year. Although it has taken us 12 months to get the specific vehicle we were looking for it has been well worth the wait. Personal Mobility Solutions have been excellent and kept in constant touch.


Wheelchair access is via a lowered rear ramp and Personal Mobility Solutions have sourced the particular anchors needed to secure Zac’s chair to the floor.

Going out is now so much quicker and easier. We can get Zac in the vehicle and safely secured and be on our way in minutes. The vehicle really has made a difference to our lives”.

                            George & Kevin C


George and his son Kevin from Newcastle were looking for a brand new top of the range wheelchair accessible vehicle that they could rely on for many years.


40-year old Kevin, who is a wheelchair user following a skiing accident 17 years ago was put in touch with Personal Mobility Solutions by Irwin Mitchell, the solicitors handling his case.

George said: “Kevin now weighs 16 stone, so I wanted a vehicle in which I get Kevin in and out comfortably and easily without any lifting.”


Bill Kiely of Personal Mobility Solutions explained: “Following a home visit assessment we recommended a Mercedes with a tail lift as opposed to a vehicle conversion. A vehicle which has been converted has had the floor taken out, lowered and a ramp installed. In this instance it was important that the vehicle did not lose any of its integrity or capacity.”


George concluded: “We are delighted with the new vehicle and the way Personal Mobility Solutions approached the problem. It makes such a difference from our old unconverted Nissan Primera. It is much more practical and a pleasure to drive.”

                             Jane Campbell


Jane Campbell M.B.E, Commissioner at the Disability Rights Commission, a freelance consultant for disability issues and Chair of the Social Care Institute for Excellence recently chose Personal Mobility Solutions to project manage the recommendation, supply and adaptation of her new vehicle.


Personal Mobility Solutions recommended a Mercedes V Class, a stylish, spacious vehicle with a particularly flexible seating plan. Personal Mobility Solutions then organised for the vehicle to be adapted for front wheelchair access with the addition of a side platform lift and worked with a specialist vehicle trimmer to design and install a bench seat for the back of the vehicle. The bench seat was installed so that it could be used by Jane to get some rest between meetings.


Commenting on her new vehicle, Jane said: “I have been delighted with my Mercedes. I’m on the road so much, it is great to travel in comfort and style. In my job, I really need to be on the ball when I arrive at meetings and conferences. Now that my journeys are so much more comfortable and relaxing, I have the energy to deal with the most challenging work assignments!”

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