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Who are Personal Mobility Solutions?

Personal Mobility Solutions is recognised as one of the leading specialists in the UK in the field of providing mobility solutions for those with disabilities and is well equipped to deal with the assessment and provision of a comprehensive range of transport related mobility solutions anywhere in the country.

We have extensive experience and a proven track record in the automotive adaptation and conversion market and are recognised by the Court of Protection. We also fully acknowledge the importance of client involvement in the selection process of a suitable transport solution. As our name would suggest - we place considerable emphasis on addressing the needs of the individual. And, as we are a totally independent organisation, we are not affiliated to any single manufacturer. This means we are able to provide a service which is completely impartial and presents no conflicts as a supplier.

Primarily this covers wheelchair accessible vehicles and vehicle adaptations but inevitably it includes a host of peripheral elements such as hoists, wheelchairs and from time to time involves certain domestic issues.

We recognise the value of teamwork and appreciate the important role played by the respective groups of professionals - lawyers, occupational therapists and case managers. We understand the rehabilitation process and the protocols of case management in personal injury cases.

For our part we take responsibility for the project management of the appropriate mobility issues as well as providing additional after sales support.

Our Philosophy 


At Personal Mobility Solutions we are often told by disabled people and their families that they have been 'encouraged to make do' or compromise with their requirements. We do not believe in having to compromise. Everyone has their own particular set of circumstances and no two situations are exactly the same. It follows that no two solutions should be exactly the same either.


Our philosophy is based on the belief that 'if it is possible we will find the most cost effective way of doing it'. We can source and co-ordinate the adaptation and modification of vehicles and accessories so it really does meet your needs. And just because they are personalised it doesn't mean they have to be more expensive. In fact it is often the case that bespoke items do not cost any more at all.

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