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Expert Witness Services 

Working in partnership with personal injury lawyers the organisation today provides a comprehensive range of services and impartial advice in personal injury cases.


Bill Kiely is also recognised by the Court of Protection and has worked with a number of other bodies including the RGA (Restricted Growth Association), SCOPE, DDA (Disabled Drivers Association) and ASPIRE. Bill has also been called as an Expert Witness and given evidence at Trial.


Organisations that have used these services include ; -


Clarkson Wright & Jakes LLP


Darbys Solicitor LLP


EMG Solicitor Ltd


Foot Anstey Solicitors


Freeth Cartwright Solicitors LLP


Hugh James


Irwin Mitchell (Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol, Sheffield, London, Southampton)


JMW Solicitors


Kester Cunningham John Solicitors


Kinglsey Napley


Leigh Day


Linder Myers Solicitors


McMillan Williams Solicitors


Moore Blatch Solicitors


New Law Solicitors


Novum Law


Potter Rees Solicitors


Royds Withy King Solicitors (Bath, Oxford, Swindon, London)




Stewarts Law


Thompsons Solicitors


Thring Townsend Lee & Pembertons Solicitors




Walker Smith Way Solicitors


Wilson Brown Solicitors


Wrigleys Solicitors



To find out more about our Expert Witness services visit our Contact Us page requesting more information or call us today on 01344 989145

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