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Part Exchange Facility

At Personal Mobility Solutions, we promise to offer most competitive 'Cost to Change' deal. A part exchange involves a trade between your own vehicle and a replacement one from PMS. For a part exchange valuation simply call us with your vehicle registration details; Make / Model, Year of Registration, Mileage, Details of the vehicles Service History and the most recent M-O-T information and we will give you an indication of value. We will view the vehicle during a transport assessment to decide on your next vehicle and confirm the value at the point of ordering. 



Part exchanging is a great way to leave out the awkward period of having two cars on the go and if you're inexperienced in selling cars or want to avoid the cost and time constraints of advertising your old vehicle and dealing with viewings, part exchanging your vehicle when you purchase a new one is the option for you. It also means that you can use the vehicle until the day your new vehicle arrives.



There are a number of factors that are taken into account when we undertake a valuation for a part exchange ; -


  • Age

  • Condition of the vehicle and any adaptations

  • Mileage

  • Relevant documentation – including service history and M-O-T

  • The specification of the vehicle

  • The lead time for your new vehicles availability.



Please remember DVLA regulations stipulate that we cannot accept a vehicle for part exchange without a full log book. If you would like more information please call us today on 01344 989140 or visit our Contact us page.

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