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PMS Service Care

Service Care is the ‘Fleet Management’ division of Personal Mobility Solutions Limited.


PMS Service Care provides the ability to eliminate the time consuming, costly and sometimes risky task of administration of a client’s vehicle.  We professionally manage the authorisations and payments to the appointed repairers on the client’s behalf and ensure the final invoice to the deputy is accurate and that all savings and allowances (incl. VAT) are passed on to the client.


In essence PMS offer a single point of contact for the client or their care team and are able to offer professional management of normal vehicle service, maintenance and repair services plus accident repair management.


Of course as all the vehicles are operated by or on behalf of a disabled individual the probability is that they will include a certain amount of adaption equipment and this is where PMS Service Care will excel as PMS Service Care has been specifically designed to accommodate the repair and/or replacement of specialist vehicles and their equipment.

If you have any questions regarding Service Care, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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