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Rental Vehicles

Our ever changing and growing rental fleet is compiled based on new vehicle enquiries to offer a popular selection of both adapted and unadapted vehicles.  Our aim is to offer a solution for an 'immediate needs' requirement or simply as an essential stop gap whilst your own vehicle is on order. 


A rental vehicle can also offer the opportunity to acquaint oneself with a particular model, its operation and the pros and cons of living with certain types of adaptation where there are options, prior to purchasing.  For example; side access or rear access, drive from wheelchair or 6 way seat.


As well as regular WAV vehicles, subject to availability, we can also offer more bespoke rental vehicles. For example, Estate cars, such as VW Golf Estate and SUV's such as VW Tiguan, BMW X Series Models, Audi Q range, Range Rover, Mercedes SUV and V Class, Land Rover Discovery's, etc. Vehicles can usually be supplied with or without basic driver adaptations such as Left Foot Accelerators and Single Lever, Push / Pull controls, Lodgesons controls and Over-Rings.  Please ask if you are looking for something a bit more unusual and harder to find and we will do our utmost to deliver.


Please also remember we can assist whilst your own vehicle is off the road for accident or extended service repairs where there are parts delays.


If you have a requirement, however unusual or unique, please do give us a call and we will do our utmost to assist with a solution to meet your requirements.

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