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Transport Assessments

As a result of understanding the importance of independence, PMS has brought together a team of specialist consultants whose primary objectives are to provide mobility solutions for those with disabilities. While their status of expert witness falls specifically within the transport and mobility sectors, the group's activities today have expanded to offer a parallel range of services around the home and public building environment.


The specific areas of expertise that are of benefit in this particular field includes; passenger and or driver assessment, particularly those drivers and passengers who are wheelchair dependent. Client specific vehicle adaptations and conversions, to recognised governmental standards and requirements. Cost analysis for individual vehicle and adaptations with lifetime cost analysis, replacement cycle recommendations and independent vehicle & product feasibility test reports.


Areas of Expertise: -


Personal Transport Cost Analysis ; -


• Driver or passenger • Vehicle supply costings
• Including wheelchair dependent occupant • Lifetime cost analysis
• Primary or secondary driving controls • Equipment cost and suitability
• Vehicle adaptation or conversion • Acquisition options and alternatives
• Personal injury/clinical negligence • Independent vehicle and product feasibility reports



To find out more or to book a Transport Assessment visit the Contact us page or call us today on 01344 989140.

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